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CyberCrest Solutions

CyberCrest Solutions is one of the leading companies on the market of cyber security services. Due to our broad experience in the field, we are able to assure full cyber security of your company’s assets. Why do our clients choose us?

Security Consulting

Protect Your Business

Looking for a reliable cyber security consultant who will find a tailor-made solution for your company? CyberCrest Solutions is here to advise you regarding your business cyber security and data protection so that you can minimize the impact of IT issues on operations.

IT Consulting

Expert Guidance

We will review your current processes in order to detect possible ways of system optimization. Not only will you become more competitive on the market, but also have an opportunity to stay up-to-date by implementing new IT tools and techniques. 

IT Training

Grow Your Skills

Tired of calling your IT specialist even on minor issues? Then IT Training for your staff from CyberCrest Solutions is exactly what you need! Take control over the situation and benefit from such a great opportunity to make your business flourish with your well-trained staff. 


Peter Jackowski

Founder and Owner

Our founder is Peter Jackowski, an IT expert who dedicated his whole life to helping various organizations with cyber security. As soon as Mr. Jackowski received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering at The University of California, Davis, he started his career in cyber security, having worked from this time on everywhere from a university to Northrop Grumman projects and international NATO bases.

Our Services

CyberCrest Solutions Services

Data Security

Protect your data

Sensitive data, or personal information about your staff, can be under a great threat of hacking.



Keep your systems secure

By neglecting patches, your company’s IT system risks to be attacked by hackers with the purpose of data theft.


Cloud Migration

improper cloud security

The cloud can be of a great convenience to your employees as they can easily share and access any information


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